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SHINING the bright light in The Darkness 

10:30am // 741 King Street charleston, sc


We believe in abundance. 

We are captivated by one purpose: helping people take steps to abundant life.

We do this by inviting people into moments of worship, connecting them to the mission of the local church,
and walking with them as they discover their purpose in the Kingdom of God. 



We believe that church should be a safe place to encounter God and our goal is to create moments for everyone to do that. We meet Sundays at 9:30am for prayer and 10:30am for worship. We have a few other events every month that we'd love to tell you more about.


If you've decided you want to own the mission of Bright City, we've got several ways for you to get connected! From family groups to serving, Bright Kids to leadership - we're so grateful you're here and we've got so much to share.                                                                                     

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It's incredibly important to us that we're not just connected with one another, but also - what God is doing outside of our church family, in other cities and countries. To join us in ways we're investing in and learning from the local and global communities, follow the link below.             

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Worship with us

741 King Street Charleston SC 29403 



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