We're not abandoning Sunday, but we are making room FOR MORE FAMILY AT BRIGHT CITY ON MONDAY NIGHTS.


and we need your help.  


Financially, we need more than we've got right now to start this second service. Please keep giving faithfully and ask God if He is calling you to  give above + beyond for this new opportunity for our city to hear the Good News.

You can give on venmo, here on our website, or at church on Sundays.  


The launch team is a group of people passionately devoted to seeing something come into being. A group dedicated to praying, serving, and sharing about what's ahead. This is a group committed to coming early and staying late, loving each and every soul that walks through the door.  

To join the launch team, put the night of 8/21/18 on your calendar and fill out the form below! 


He is going before us in preparing this new moment for our city, but we want to be in tune with the Spirit and motivated by His presence. We need your prayers and we'd love to have you literally join us as we seek His heart and ask for His hand to move on behalf of our neighbors.


Name *
Can you be at our info meeting Monday 8/13?
Can you commit to attending + serving at our first four gatherings?
September 17th, October 8th, November 12th, December 3rd